• 14" and under: 3 bundles+Closure
  • 16"-20" 3 bundles + Closure
  • 22"-26" 4 bundles + Closure


Please refer to picture/video above for measurement guidance.


Measurements should be entered as 1. circumfrence, 2. front to nape, 3 temple to temple, 4. nape

PYOH Closure Unit


    Results may vary based on quality of hair provided. If quality of hair is low please make note that baby hairs may not lay correctly and knots on closure/frontal may not take bleach well or pluck well. OKC will NOT be held responsible for quality of hair.

  • Measurements

    If your unit does not fit due to incorrect measurements OKC is not liable for unit not fitting and you will be responsible for a reconstruct fee. Please refer to our sizing guide to be sure your measurements are accurate. Please click here to get accurate measurements. If measurements are not provided then unit will be made on a standard 22.5 cap size.